Tim Bret-Day

David Bowie

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Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta Archival Pigment Print.  All of our color-perfect prints include a hologram and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Photographed 1999 in London.  From a session for the album hours...

Tim Bret-Day on photographing David Bowie: “When he turned up he said ‘I’ve got one thing – please don’t play any of my music because I hate hearing my music.’ We looked at the assistant because I think I was just about to, I think it was going to go on.  I got in his face 'change it! change it!', like that.  And he stuck on Nirvana Unplugged and… the first track that comes on is the beginning of that (David Bowie) cover of “The Man Who Sold the World”…and it just rings out in the studio and he just pulled this face and I go ‘Oh god, here’s the moment’ you know…and he went really quiet and this really naughty little grin came up and he went 'oh he’s a shit singer isn’t he?' like that, and we all just laughed.  And then the rest of the day, he was just, he was so sweet."

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