Phil Knott

Amy Winehouse by Phil Knott (Eye Contact Edition)

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24" x 29" Framed.  Edition 1/25.

Sunset Hot Press Rag Archival Pigment Print.  All of our color-perfect prints include a hologram and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Photographed 2003 in London. This was one of her first shoots after being signed to Island Records and predates her debut album, Frank.

Phil Knott on photographing Amy Winehouse: “I met Amy in 2003 at Island Records HQ in Chiswick, London.  At the time, this was another job.  I had heard about Amy, but due to the pre-internet years, it came through in bits and pieces, an article here and there, word of mouth, etc.  I heard she was a pretty amazing performer and she played out in the Camden area.  She seemed really quiet and shy when I met her.  We arranged a shoot date and a location.  The location we decided upon was Portabello Rd and Goldborne Rd, in the West London area.  So we spent a fantastic day, she was up for ideas, a great subject. She was pretty funny, in a London way.  It's only looking back in hindsight that I realize that Amy wasn't allowed to grow old and to be forgiven. A lot of artists have gone through crazy times and come out the other end.  It's really sad she died so young, which always begs the question, what if...but I suppose it was her time, and now to join the immortal ranks of the twenty-seven club, to be remembered forever."

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