Tim Bret-Day

David Bowie

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Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta Archival Pigment Print.  All of our color-perfect prints include a hologram and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Previously Unseen

Photographed 1999 in London.  From a session for the album hours...

Tim Bret-Day on photographing David Bowie: “It was a call that came absolutely out of the blue. I was sitting at home watching East Enders with my wife and he just rang. I thought it was someone doing a David Bowie voice because he’s just got such a distinct voice and it went off for about 3 minutes and he was just laughing and laughing, and I was like going 'oh come on, who is this' and he went ‘it really is me, it is, honestly. I really want to discuss you doing my album’.  And I just kept going thinking someone’s gonna ring back in a minute and go you mug, you know, whatever.”

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