Phil Knott


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Edition of 400

Sunset Hot Press Rag Archival Pigment Print.  All of our color-perfect prints include a hologram and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Previously Unseen

Photographed 2000 in London.

Phil Knott on his creating this piece:  "This is done by hand.  It's the idea of timelessness, grabbing at the fabric of time.  I like the grabbing of the white paper, making marks, sort of like he’s pulling something from nothing.  This was done at  Kinko’s - collage, photocopy, pencil line, all on top of the photograph."

Phil Knott’s mixed media fine art represents a vivid re-imagining and enhancing of timeless culture and music photography by their original photographer.  Phil is already renowned for his use of background and arrangement to tell stories with still images, and his work has been exhibited in galleries, shown as part of cultural events and presentations, published in magazines and used for album covers.  Now, we get to see Phil adding even more of the masterful vision behind the photographs into these elegant pieces – every unforgettable print has been painstakingly designed as a completely unique image, never before published or sold, and now available to add as something rare and heartfelt to your or a loved one’s home.

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